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Manufacturer of high quality professional hairdressing scissors
Much more than scissors!
The TRIBAL SCISSOR line offers you top-of-the-range and high
-performance scissors, guaranteed for life. The scissors are
handmade and carefully inspected, piece by piece, by a team
of seasoned technicians, such as a meticulous work of golds
mithing. Their manufacture is inspired by the purest
oriental tradition in terms of blades.

TRIBAL SCISSOR offers high-quality, ergonomic, malleable, noble and refined scissors with the cutting edge of the most cutting edge, ensuring satisfaction, pace and prestige for the most demanding hairdressers.


A unique piece for hairdressers-stylists who have the worry of precision and performance

Give yourself the most remarkable piece of our precious 
collection of high-end scissors today and enjoy the fruit
of exceptional craftsmanship, unrivaled in comfort and
quality, Accuracy.
Take advantage of our experience
Join the thousands of hairdressers satisfied by 
TRIBAL SCISSOR! Look after the most stylist ..... When hairdressers speak,
WE ARE listening!
Our specialty is also sharpening

Honored with the Las Vegas Sharpening Guil Convention in 2011, Marc-Olivier Charbonneau (a.k.a.KATAMO) designs and signs the TRIBAL SCISSOR collection.

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